London Gastronomy in the Jubilee Year


From scotch eggs to stinking bishop, Context Travel nibbles through London

Neal’s Yard, London
Orange marmalade with gold leaf

Amidst the frenzy of summer in London, it’s comforting to know that scotch eggs and marmalade with gold leaf can still be part of your customized picnic basket from Fortnum & Mason. In three hours, Context Travel’s Janine Catalano narrates a three century evolution in British gastronomy with “a walk through central London from less than a common perspective.”



London’s St. John Bar and Restaurant transforms offal into delectable

Roasted Bone Marrow with toast
St. John Bar & Restaurant, London

Chef Fergus Henderson’s 1999 book, “Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking,” caused a sensation when published. It placed Chef Henderson and St. John’s at the forefront of an omnivore movement, in direct opposition to modern meat consumption, in which the whole animal is eaten –  trotters, tripe, kidneys, heart, sweetbreads …






London’s The Little French Restaurant is big on flavor

The Little French Restaurant, London

It would be easy to walk right past The Little French Restaurant on London’s narrow Hogarth Street. The diminutive road, opposite Earls Court underground station, is lined with at least a half dozen small cafes, shops and quaint flower bedecked townhouses. Yet a passerby would be hard pressed to dine in a more charming French bistro.

Grilled goat cheese at The Little French Restaurant, London



As Greek As It Gets restaurant brings the Aegean to London

Grilled calamari stuffed with cheese, As Greet As It Gets, London

Not only is London’s population a polyglot of the former empire, but Britons have embraced an unprecedented broadening of their culinary palate.  As Greek As It Gets, a restaurant in fashionable Earls Court, says it all in words and in the authenticity of its menu offerings.

As Greet As It Gets, London

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