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Borough Market, London England: the Empire Lives on in Food

The mother of all food markets, London’s 13th century Borough Market is appropriately located near Borough High Street station delivering the world’s food to ancient Southwark Cathedral’s door.

Borough Market & Southwark Cathedral

Moving patiently with the crowds through narrow aisles, the experience is both exotic yet modern.

The Market is an international food court

Organic, unpasteurized, artesian, locally sourced, urban honey are all terms that have certified clout in England’s regulated farming and food industry and are the norm at the Market.



New Native American Cuisine at Kai, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

“Welcome to my home. Good to see you. May the Creator be with you,”

Ginger Songbird Martin, Cultural Concierge at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, explains that the Pima and Maricopa people have no words for “hello” and “goodbye.” Rather the greeting is, “Welcome to my home. Good to see you. May the Creator be with you,” and the salutation, “Hope to see you soon.”

Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa is a luxurious adobe-like structure set amidst a lush desert landscape on the banks of the Gila River. It’s as perfect a classic southwest setting as it gets.

table at Kai, Yukon Gold Potato hor’s doeuvre

Kai is the Resort’s award winning restaurant and an innovator of Native American cuisine. The menu is a fusion of traditional native foods, locally sourced, time honored classic preparations and stunningly imaginative reductions, pairings of grains, vegetables and use of herbs.

Kai Grilled Buffalo Steak and assorted local cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and seeds

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“Hope to see you soon.”

Geechee Kunda Cultural Center and Low Country Cuisine

Americans want to believe we’re a homogeneous society. Wake up, we’re not. A visit to the Geeche Kunda Cultural Center explodes another cultural myth.

The Geechee Kunda Cultural Center, Riceboro, Georgia

African victims of the slave trade brought with them the cooking traditions of their homeland creating what we know today as Low Country Cuisine.

(clockwise) smoked chicken, rice and black beans, Crab Boil, Boiled Peanuts

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Geechee Kunda Cultural Center: Georgia’s “Lost” Culture Revived


Boiled Peanuts and Georgia’s Geechee Gullah Low Country Cuisine

Luang Prabang, Laos: Ban Phousy Market & Tamarind Cafe

View from, and interior of, Tamarind Cafe, Luang Prabang, Laos

Long the ancient royal capital of Laos’ many national permutations, Luang Prabang was a favorite of the French during their century of domination with their architecture, but not their cuisine, influencing and complimenting the Laotians own superb sensibilities.  The city is stunning, serene and a foodie mecca.

Ban Phousy Morning Market, Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos and its food is fascinating, relaxed, less spicy and refined.

Ban Phousy Market, Luang Prabang, Laos

In a city known for its cooking classes, Tamarind offers unique full day experiences starting with a shopping expedition to the morning market.

spices, herbs and rice: Luang Prabang, Laos

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Luang Prabang, Laos: Tamarind Cafe’s Stuffed Lemongrass

Shrimping off the Georgia Coast Aboard The Lady Jane

Eating wild Georgia White Shrimp within minutes of being caught, while on the Lady Jane off St. Simons Island, is a culinary experience not to be missed.

The Lady Jane

It’s a brilliant sunny day off the southern Georgia coast as the Lady Jane moves slowly through the channel. The islands of St. Simons and Jekyll rise above a sea of salt grass. Laughing seagulls – their actual name – swoop through the air behind the ship. “That’s a good sign,” comments Cliff Credle, “They know where the food is.”

The shallow waters of the Atlantic around southern Georgia’s islands exclude any possible invasion of the shrimp beds by large factory ships. Shrimping remains a bastion of small boat fishing operated by individual entrepreneurs.

Crew of the Lady Jane: (clockwise) Capt. Larry Credle, mate Cliff Credle, First Mate John Tyre

These waters are home to the endangered Green Sea Turtle.

When you eat plump wild shrimp you’ll smell and taste the briny difference the moment you peel the shell off a freshly steamed or grilled  wild Georgia, preferably, White or Red crustacean.

Wild Georgia White Shrimp

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Shrimping Off the Georgia Coast Aboard the Lady Jane

Philadelphia Fine Dining – Part I: The Sidewalks Aren’t Pulled Up At Five Anymore

The Philadelphia Restaurant Revolution started in the mid-1970’s with Chef Georges Perrier’s Le Bec Fin and the opening of the Restaurant School. The city’s culinary wasteland suddenly bloomed with some of America’s most innovative cuisine. Now, finally, the Revolution has broken through to the suburbs. Click the links to read my reviews as Philadelphia Fine Dining Examiner on

Bacalhau á Lagareiro at Massa Pizza & Grill, Ambler, PA

Why would a fine dining Portuguese restaurant want to call itself a pizza parlor? Situated diagonally across from the Ambler Theater, Massa Pizza and Grill is an excellent addition to Ambler’s growing reputation as a foodie destination.

Leila's Bistro, Jenkintown, PA

 Leila’s Bistro is where Edith Piaf would dine if she found herself in Philadelphia’s suburbs.

Valley Green Inn, Chestnut Hill, PA

 The 160 year old Valley Green Inn could not be more romantic and will make you comfortable with its decor and fare.

clockwise: Duck Quesadillas, Pecan pie w/ice cream, Cedar Hollow Restaurant, Malvern, PA, Crab Cake

 Within the past couple years the interior of Cedar Hollow Inn has been nicely remodeled with the main dining room benefiting from a southwest theme. Cobalt blue glasses contrast with the tan/reddish orange wall colors, crisp white table cloths and artistic prints depicting southwestern themes complement the space. Chef Stephen Guiseppe has added good southwestern inspired dishes.


The Continental Diner, Philadelphia, PA (clockwise Spinach Ravioli, Fried Philly Steak Rolls, Cheese Cake & Ice Cream, classic Martini, Thai Chicken lettuce wraps, Crab cake


Naturally, center city Philadelphia still shines as a culinary Mecca. Keeping up with Stephen Staar’s numerous and successful concepts is as difficult as keeping up with the Kardashians. Yet the Continental Diner stands out as a hands down favorite for Philadelphia natives.

Seared Skate w/ Fregola Sarda & lump crabmeat, Tripe w/ Fresh Tomato and Parmigiano Reggiano, Paradiso, Philadelphia, PA

Paradiso Restaurant & Wine Bar at 1627 East Passyunk Avenue, near Tasker Street, is in the heart of South Philly.  Yet being at the center of Philadelphia’s Little Italy, home to cheese steaks, pizza and veal parmesan with canned sauce, Paradiso is a haven from the typical Italian-American fare of too many area restaurants.

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Zimbabwe Cuisine: A Tale of Three Meals

The cuisine of Zimbabwe, not surprisingly, represents a fusion of traditional foods, Colonial influences and modern marketing.

Three meals illustrate Zimbabwe’s cuisine

Gazelle Stew on Sadza, beans in tomato sauce, collard greens & creamed spinach

On any photo safari through Zimbabwe springbok (African gazelle), kudu (large antelope), impala and warthogs are seen by the dozen. Crocodiles make venturing into the rivers for a swim unwise. It does not take that much imagination to realize that these animals, exotic to Western palates, must have been part of the Shona and Ndebele cultural diet.

Marinated Warthog with White Wine BBQ Sauce at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Gazelle, warthog and crocodile are still available yet, ironically, they are usually found in either luxury restaurants or an average home in the Townships.

In urban areas the working man or women and students in brightly colored, starched uniforms are more likely to be found in one of four fast food establishments – Chicken Inn®, Pizza Inn®, Bakers Inn® and Creamy Inn® – all serving industrialized products recognizable to anyone in Liverpool or Detroit.

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Three meals illustrate Zimbabwe’s cuisine


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