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American genius…young forever

OK…this is an odd posting.

I travel for a living and am often  in and out of hotels.  USA hotels in particular offer…let’s be kind…sub par free “continental breakfasts.” Often I’ll grab a yogurt, hard boiled egg & fruit.

Yesterday, looking in a storage container where I keep paper plates/plastic cups etc for picnics, I came across a tightly sealed bag.  At some point in the past several years I obviously grabbed a muffin, toast, jam & a pastry “on the go” and totally forgot… and I mean several years ago because I had not opened this bin for that long.

"Petrafied" American hotel breakfast food. (2 - 3 years old - no blemish.)
“Petrified” American hotel breakfast food. (2 – 3 years old – blemish free..click pic to expand.)

Lo and behold…on a black plastic plate were perfect stone hard “petrified” American hotel fast food with not a blemish upon them. It’s American genius…and the preservatives will keep me young forever…




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