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Galveston Rising: A Photo Essay

Port of Galveston

Galveston, Texas, once the New York of the Southeast, is struggling to regain its much deserved prominence among America’s ocean side retreats.

My latest article, Galveston Rising, on suite 101 is a Featured Article in their Travel section.

Galveston: Birthplace of “Juneteenth”

Galveston Beach, (lower right) Jamaica Beach area of Galveston island
Stately Oak trees once shaded all of Galveston but Ike’s tidal surge killed most of the trees. A city art project has turned dozens of trunks into fanciful sculptures. This one (lower right) is in front of the fire station. (upper right) house in the 1930’s Cedar Lawn district

The free ferry service (both car & pedestrian) to Bolivar Peninsula across the Ship Channel and Galveston Bay

Galveston’s vibrant café and restaurant scene is the best I’ve experienced on the Texas Gulf coast – await Part II of my Galveston articles on Suite101.