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Geechee Kunda Cultural Center and Low Country Cuisine

Americans want to believe we’re a homogeneous society. Wake up, we’re not. A visit to the Geeche Kunda Cultural Center explodes another cultural myth.

The Geechee Kunda Cultural Center, Riceboro, Georgia

African victims of the slave trade brought with them the cooking traditions of their homeland creating what we know today as Low Country Cuisine.

(clockwise) smoked chicken, rice and black beans, Crab Boil, Boiled Peanuts

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Boiled Peanuts and Georgia’s Geechee Gullah Low Country Cuisine

Shrimping off the Georgia Coast Aboard The Lady Jane

Eating wild Georgia White Shrimp within minutes of being caught, while on the Lady Jane off St. Simons Island, is a culinary experience not to be missed.

The Lady Jane

It’s a brilliant sunny day off the southern Georgia coast as the Lady Jane moves slowly through the channel. The islands of St. Simons and Jekyll rise above a sea of salt grass. Laughing seagulls – their actual name – swoop through the air behind the ship. “That’s a good sign,” comments Cliff Credle, “They know where the food is.”

The shallow waters of the Atlantic around southern Georgia’s islands exclude any possible invasion of the shrimp beds by large factory ships. Shrimping remains a bastion of small boat fishing operated by individual entrepreneurs.

Crew of the Lady Jane: (clockwise) Capt. Larry Credle, mate Cliff Credle, First Mate John Tyre

These waters are home to the endangered Green Sea Turtle.

When you eat plump wild shrimp you’ll smell and taste the briny difference the moment you peel the shell off a freshly steamed or grilled  wild Georgia, preferably, White or Red crustacean.

Wild Georgia White Shrimp

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Shrimping Off the Georgia Coast Aboard the Lady Jane