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New Native American Cuisine at Kai, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

“Welcome to my home. Good to see you. May the Creator be with you,”

Ginger Songbird Martin, Cultural Concierge at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, explains that the Pima and Maricopa people have no words for “hello” and “goodbye.” Rather the greeting is, “Welcome to my home. Good to see you. May the Creator be with you,” and the salutation, “Hope to see you soon.”

Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa is a luxurious adobe-like structure set amidst a lush desert landscape on the banks of the Gila River. It’s as perfect a classic southwest setting as it gets.

table at Kai, Yukon Gold Potato hor’s doeuvre

Kai is the Resort’s award winning restaurant and an innovator of Native American cuisine. The menu is a fusion of traditional native foods, locally sourced, time honored classic preparations and stunningly imaginative reductions, pairings of grains, vegetables and use of herbs.

Kai Grilled Buffalo Steak and assorted local cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and seeds

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“Hope to see you soon.”

Ballooning Over Phoenix: Up, Up and Champagne

At daybreak, floating over the Sonoran Desert at 6,000 feet in a basket is an awesome way to start the day.

Contrasted against the outline of cactus and brown desert are over a dozen giant multicolored balloons being inflated. They slowly rise like other worldly mushrooms whose spoors invaded the planet.

Liftoff is, well, like floating in air. Except for the occasional blast from the propane jet and sounds of primal glee from adults one would think have experienced it all, the world silently drifts away.

The Sonoran Desert is lush despite receiving an average annual rainfall of 10 inches. In the distance is shockingly blue Lake Pleasant formed in the 1920s by damming the Aqua Fria River.

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Floating over the Sonoran Desert is awesome at daybreak