Shawnee Inn’s Nativity Scenes of the World

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA

A beautiful exhibit of Nativity Scenes is on display through the holidays at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. The creche have been collected from around the world and represent both a heartwarming, and light hearted in a few examples, international devotion to the Christian aspect of the season. The designs are eclectic and include materials as diverse as carved mother-of-pearl, paper and chocolate/marshmallow s’mores. (Please click the link below for a sound slideshow of the creche.)

Visitors may leave a donation for All Hands Volunteers, a non profit organization that provides funding for rebuilding after natural disasters. Peter Kirkwood, nephew of the collector and son of Shawnee’s owners Charles and Virginia Kirkwood, co-founded All Hands Volunteers in 2005 after the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 that devastated large parts of Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations. Living in Thailand at the time, Peter was an eye witness to the disaster. All Hands Volunteers provides both material and volunteer labor.  It’s fitting at this time of year that a collection box be a part of an exhibit celebrating an event that knows no borders.

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