Summer Recipes: of figs and chutney

Summer:  a time for fresh fruit, vegetables and taking time off from the daily grind. Do something different. Revert to the past when we all made our own and didn’t just buy it ready to eat. Enjoy!

Mango chutney
Mango chutney

The interplay of sweet fruit, astringent vinegar, fresh ginger, savory onions, spices, a bit of hot pepper and rich brown sugar is not only appealing but a great way to use fresh produce as it comes into season.

Read my recipe with additional photos:

Don’t buy chutney, make it yourself



 I like figs and chevre and caramelized onions. Of course who doesn’t like pizza? And summer time is California fig season in the USA. They’re low in calories, high in potassium, not too sweet and hold up nicely when gently cooked.


By the early 20th century California fig production was second only to Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Read my recipe with additional photos:

Summertime Fig and Chevre Pizza




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