Paros Island: just a tease

Paros Land Hotel


Chef Michael Margaris
Chef Michael Margaris

Spend time talking to the owners of the Paros Land Hotel and their promising young chef and you understand the resilience that has sustained Greece for millenniums.



It’s a creative force responsible for this enterprise and it will propel Greece beyond a temporary financial crisis.


Mrs. Tricha Stavroula, owner of Paros Land Hotel
Mrs. Tricha Stavroula, owner of Paros Land Hotel

Brothers, sisters, in-laws and grandchildren have all had a hand in the design, rebuilding and the myriad operational details required of a hotel. Their pride was palpable when they sat down each night at a long wooden table in the airy dining room for lengthy multi-course meals.

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Paros Land Hotel exemplifies the gift of Athena



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