About Marc d’Entremont

Marc d’Entremont (Chef D)


I travel, cook, eat, observe, interact, live and write.

Tinos About, the magazine of Tinos Island (Cyclades Islands, Greece) published an interview with me July 2019:

Marc d’Entremont

I do travel to Greece frequently.

If you prefer a condensed version of who I am…

As a culinary and cultural travel writer I seek connections among people, activities, the environment and what they eat that tell the story of a region/culture, whether that be in the remote Andes Mountains or the streets of Puerto Vallarta.

Additional publications include the internationally circulated print and digital editions of the Hellenic News of America for which I am their monthly travel columnist and my travel guide to Argentina.

Industry experience includes over 45 years as a chef, hotel and restaurant manager, catering and education.

I’m an active member in the American Culinary Federation.

You can read additional articles at:

 Hellenic News of America

DSC05818Original World Travel

 A Walk through the garden at Hertog Jan


caraway scented goat cheese w/ multi colored beets, Meyer lemon, grated rye bread, M Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA


Mc Crossan Boys Ranch rodeo fund raiser, August 2012, Sioux Falls, SD


21 thoughts on “About Marc d’Entremont”

  1. Dear Mr. d’Entremont,
    After reading your blog on Evansburg, I am curious to know if you are the chef at Osteria or do you have another local connection? I live “down the road” in Arcola, in a stone farmhouse with the wrap-around Victorian porch. We think the first owner of our house was John Rees, miller, whose wife was the daughter of Frederick Mulhenberg, first Speaker of the US House of Representatives, who lived in Trappe. There is a Quaker meeting house on Black Rock Rd. an Upper Prov. Twp. website places the establishment of this meeting house at 1740.

  2. Dear Daniel,
    Sorry for not seeing this much earlier but, for some reason, your comment did not show up on my dashboard or email. No I’m not the chef at Osteria. I retired from active kitchen work at the end of 2008 and have devoted full time to establishing a freelance cultural travel and food writing career. Besides international travel, I’ve always been interested in our local world, and we certainly have history in this area. I’ll certainly check out the Meeting House, being a member of Abington Meeting myself. I’ve just returned from a press trip to Missouri and will be publishing articles both on-line and in print media. Take care and thanks for your interest!

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  4. Hey Mark!
    Think we should do a culinary tour to Cuba? Why not? BTW- the plane is direct to Havana from LAX, via Continental. Flights from Mexico have been cancelled. Americans are welcome.
    Maybe we can work with IFTWA and make it a reality

    1. Dear Johanna,

      I don’t believe I didn’t respond to your generous offer. Please forgive me as I’ve been swamped with writing and planning a major series of trips that start in two weeks. I’ve read your blog on the award, and I will return the favor, but it may be a couple more weeks due to deadlines.

      Take care,


      http://www.travelpenandpalate.com http://www.travel-with-pen-and-palate-argentina.com http://marcdentremont.suite101.com/ http://www.examiner.com/fine-dining-in-philadelphia/marc-d-entremont http://www.examiner.com/dining-in-national/marc-d-entremont

    1. No I have not yet traveled to Israel. If you can arrange a sponsored press trip for me I’ll be happy to go. I usually pay my own airfare, but I require all travel expenses while in the country to be covered – accommodations, meals, transportation in the country. In return I will write no less than 6 articles that are published in the outlets listed on my site, but I will never lie. If I do not like something, I will not write about it.

  5. Hello Marc d’Entremont ,

    We are Greece destination D M C / travel providers located in the city of Heraklion island of Crete – Greece.

    We are operating special concepts of travel as food, Wine, culture and hands on cooking classes offering a combination of entertainment, cultural and archaeological sightseeing, guided tours, food and wine tasting and last but not least hands on cooking classes.

    I was wondering if it’s possible and how we can post one or more of the packages we provide.

    Thank you!


    Yiannis Fournaros

    Sales Manager








  6. Marc, I know you are a fan of Clarissa F. Dillon who still lives and works in Pennsylvania doing what she does best—sharing her great passion for 18th – century domestic arts. She stars in a series now called One Cool Colonial created during the Pandemic. I read your blog and also saw your comment on “Vermeer painting” as I felt the same when we were filming at the window!
    Best to you,
    Radnor Memorial Library
    Wayne, PA

      1. Yes, Marc, on Vimeo. I am Clarissa’s neighbor, a librarian, and we started this little web series (not a filmmaker here) to keep us out of trouble while social distancing. It starts with a fun two-minute trailer back in May and we are still making episodes. I had a weird Vermeer moment and googled that and sure enough found you had the same. Gotta keep the window on the left…
        She is so wickedly outspoken and wonderful — I read your blog articles on your visit with her and know that you feel the same. How could you forget Clarissa??
        Thanks for your speedy reply. Stay well!!

  7. Marc, I read both posts on Clarissa and continued to read your posts on other Pennsylvania destinations. Didn’t stop there, though…as
    you have so much to offer here. For many people traveling is not an option and I hope even more people find you! I’ll do my best to spread the word at my library, Radnor Memorial, in downtown Wayne, PA.

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